"My wife and I met Mark at an open house in Education Hill.  As soon as we met Mark and started to discuss our situation, we were impressed by his knowledge of the area and the current housing market.  As we got to work with Mark, we were absolutely impressed by Mark's prompt response, through research, and his professional advise. Mark even went out of his way to stop by our house to let us in when we listed our house and left our key inside the house.

We ultimately ended up both purchasing our new home and selling our current home through Mark.  While not easy (on both ends), Mark was absolutely the BEST agent we could have ever asked for...  After working with Mark and getting to know him, I would consider Mark not just my real estate agent but also my friend.  If you are considering making a purchase or selling your current home - I would HIGHLY recommend Mark"
- MR


"Mark Mizuno is everything you would want in a realtor. He knows this area like the back of his hand, having lived here for many years, and being an integral part of the community. He knows the housing market very well, and always keeps on top of what the market trends are, where things are going up or down, and what competitive prices are in the region. He can advise you on the quality of your home, what should or should not be done before you buy or sell, and how to handle the selling/purchase of a home.

We sold our house and bought a new one through Mark in September 2010. It was a very intense situation and he got us through it with grace, and kept our sanity intact. We put our house up for sale on a Wednesday and had multiple offers by that afternoon. We accepted an offer by Thursday morning, and put in an offer on a new construction home that was not on the market yet. It was very scary because if the builder decided to put it on the market that weekend, we would likely have been outbid, and would have had a sold house but nowhere to go. Fortunately for us Mark had done his homework and was aggressive with the builder, knew how to strategize with them, knew how to present us as ideal buyers. And by Friday 1pm, they had accepted our offer. What a relief!

But his work had just begun! We then had a crazy closing. Our house had gone on the market on Sept 6, we closed on Sept 30, and closed on the new house Oct 1. Unheard of in that market and at those prices! Mark drove the whole thing, making sure on both sides that our buyers were coming through with their inspection, financing, etc., and that our financing, inspection, etc., on the new house was also being handled with utmost expediency. When we got the keys to our new house on Oct 1, we almost couldn't believe it all worked out. Thanks to Mark for making it happen!

Mark is a professional through and through, and is a well-respected person in this community, at his work, and with his friends/family. If you are thinking of buying or selling your home, Mark is the one to trust with such a major life decision"
-J&M P


"We listed our house for sale with Mark Mizuno last April. He was down to earth when it came as at what price to list the house and gave us a price range. He said the upper limit was pushing it a bit. So we went for the max he was still comfortable to list it. He also timed the first day for the house on being on the market correctly. The very day it appeared on the market we had our first offer. We ended up getting 6 offers within 3 days. Most of them way above list price. Besides Mark did an excellent job marketing the house. He created a beautiful and eye catching brochure. He hired a staging person to stage the house and a professional photographer for the pictures. Furthermore he did most of his advertising through social media that resulted in lots of people looking at the house.  We would definitely recommend Mark Mizuno to buy and/or sell your house. He was a pleasure to work with and very helpful throughout the selling process"

"I want to take the time to publicly thank Mark Mizuno for his professionalism and personal touches leading up to us taking the keys of our new home in Woodinville. After moving from San Diego, we covered a lot of ground over several months looking for just the right location for our family. We felt very comfortable on the East side, but weren't quite sure where exactly and how much we wanted to spend. We chose to work with Mark due to the fact that he grew up on the Eastside and was actively involved with the schools in the area. The process was truly a journey for us, but Mark hung in there and met with us almost every weekend to view almost every property we were interested. Mark adamantly cautioned us against closing on a home that had plumbing issues that we didn't initially understand the severity of. He could have pursued his own interests, but instead encouraged us to negotiate with the seller. They wouldn't cooperate so we moved on. From that point, we made several offers in a market where multiple offers were in play. It was frustrating and we lost out on about 6 homes in Issaquah due to a buyer frenzy that pushed prices to un-tested levels. Eventually we entered into contract in Woodinville and Mark worked to help us negotiate for credits and price reductions based on a few critical inspection items. When it's all said and done, the process of buying a home varies a bit depending on market and location. At this stage of my life, I've purchase a few homes and never was the market as challenging as the one we just experienced. I also work in Commercial Real Estate and most of the deals I work on don't have as much personal emotion tied to them. Having said all of that, Mark was a huge help in the process and we're very happy with the home we ended up in. I recommend you give him a call."

"Mark was able to find us a property in the price range that we wanted AND in the location we were hoping for. And it was far nicer than we had ever expected. We travel quite a bit and he was able to make it all happen even though we were in Australia during a big chunk of time after the offer went out. He went above and beyond to make sure that we knew where things were throughout the entire process. I can't say enough good things about the great care he took to make sure that things happened smoothly. Excellent agent. I've recommended him to friends and they have had great experiences with him as well."